What is our concept?

Special thanks to Luke Vink.

The problem is serious and global.

America, Europe, and even China, are facing an obesity epidemic. Lack of exercise is one major component to this and other critical health problems (e.g., diabetes and cardiovascular disease). When asked why they don't exercise, the majority of people will say they don't have the time to invest into going to the gym. Is there a way to change how people think about daily exercise?

Some revealing research.

An experiment conducted at Arizona State University showed that when subjects performed three ten-minute walking sessions, they had controlled their blood pressure just as well, if not better, than when subjects performed a single 30-minute walking session. More frequent exercise also leads to a raised metabolism which helps with burning calories and losing weight. Another study, performed at Queen's University, Canada, showed that children having repeated sessions as short as 5 minutes of running had a significant positive effect on the child's blood pressure and cholesterol profiles.

Our small solution to a big problem.

Our solution to the exercise challenge is to break up the amount of exercise one would normally do in a day into smaller fragments so as to make exercising during the day more manageable and less obtrusive. We will facilitate healthy decision making by making these choices routine and easy to perform. An ambient display worn on the customers wrist will communicate both their exercise accomplishments as well as new behaviors. We believe through daily, routine micro-exercises one can produce results similar to daily, extensive exercise sessions.

Our work in progress.

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